Try Notion
Local multiplayer game about a fictional sport for frogs. Little hobby project made in Godot Engine.
Design Thoughts
Chums started out as a sketch in my notebook, and soon became a favourite creature in my D&D game I hosted with my friends. I was really into world building at the time, so I went into details as small as what kinds of sports all the different sentient species played. The rest is history.
I was really into Bennett Foddy's sports games. I took some inspiration in the sense that I wanted the game to be physics based with limited player control, and have emergent playstyles.
I tested the game a lot with my uni friends, and discovered that there were a lot of emergent strategies.
To summarize how the game works, each player controls a Chum with the ability to roll in either direction and kick to either launch yourself away from the ground (some people call this 'jumping'), or kick the ball, or kick the enemy player.
The goal of the game is to score as many points by knocking over your opponent's 'goal ball' using only the 'playing ball'. If you touch the goal ball or kick the playing ball out of bounds, you lose a point.
From these mechanics, many interesting strategies developed, and the best part is that they were all almost equally good! For example, the players could attempt a risky mid-air kick at the start of the round, or a safer defensive position to protect their ball from being knocked over. But the defensive position brings the risk of accidentally knocking the ball out of bounds, or the player being pushed into their own goal ball.
Overall, I'm super proud of the gameplay on this one, even if the presentation is a bit rough around the edges.