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Action Shapes
A 2-4 local multiplayer physics-based party game about shapes that shoot eachother.
Unfortunately stopped development after I moved since I no longer had people to test it with.
It started off in Unity as a lo-fi take on Smash Bros. A fighting game without 'moves', only about throwing your shape at your opponent's shape.
But then my attention was captured by the Godot Game engine, there was something I really liked about how it handled project organization, so I switched to it.
I started remaking the original Unity project in Godot, but I started experimenting with different takes on the idea. For a while, I decided to turn it into a singleplayer adventure game, before I realised that was too ambitious for how much free time I had at the time.
I went back to making it a local multiplayer game, this time taking more inspiration from Duck Game: I added equippable weapons, throwing mechanics, and gave the shapes customizable faces.
I released the game, but unfortunately quickly learned that I forgot to lock the physics framerate in many scripts, which resulted in many things happening ridiculously fast, like the fire rate of all weapons being incredibly high. What's worse when I tried to fix it, I accidentally deleted a big part of the project that I though was unused, but turned out to have been the source of many dependencies. And I didn't know how to use source control back then :P
It was still salvageable with some effort, but since I was moving to a new country, I wouldn't have anyone to test it with.
Original Unity VersionπŸ‘‡